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《在另一个宇宙的1003天》:Find happiness in your weakness.?

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《在另一个宇宙的1003天》:Find happiness in your weakness.



Perhaps life is not a road but ocean. What I want to emphasize is that hard working may not lead to satisfactory results. But you should bear in mind that there is another unlucky person, you are not the only one.


It is not required or necessary to work hard. I will make great efforts only if I want to do so.


I am indeed sick. So should I be regarded as the patient that doing nothing but abandoning myself to depression, or only complaining about the state of illness?


The form of life seems to be ridiculous. It can't be rehearsed, filed, or superimposed. Those who have more answers about life will never come back as they are indifferent to these answers.


Insomnia is not an individual enemy, it is ourselves. We are loath to hating, to being alone, to forgiving ourselves, or to enduring the joy and happiness of sleeping and rest even we are tired and sleepy to death. The reason why we want to fight against insomnia is to overcome ourselves.



No matter how terrible my condition will be, life will always move on. Time is ticking away, people around me never stop their life for me, you still keep your active life, knowing the cold and warmth, you give me your care and love, everything is on its natural and normal track. Nothing ever changes, but only me, I am sick. ,


Since I still live in this world, I will swallow everything that comes to me, I will try not to fear pain or happiness.


Even though it is impossible to be fearless, I will continue my life with my sincere desire. Everything may happen only once, I will carry on as long as I can breathe.


I believe that there must be someone caring me. The black hole in the sun doesn’t weaken its greatness. I just still can’t change myself after those sufferings. But please, do not be tired of me.


I will succeed only if I keep living. The longer I hold on, the more successful I become. Although the future is a mystery, and I will disappear one day, it can't erase the achievement of my existence.